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Origami folding, stuffing and punk style pin fastenings, the image of real nappy changing is one that unsurprisingly puts many new parents off.

bumGenius, the multiple award winning real nappy brand, continues the bumGenius CAN (Change A Nappy) Challenge to bust myths once and for all by proving just how fast the new breed of innovative real nappies are to change.

A Challenge to find ultimate real nappy changer - the parent, carer, sibling or grandparents that can change five real nappies in a matter of seconds will be awarded the coveted title of the Ultimate nappy changer.

The nappy that will be used in the challenge is the revolutionary multi-award winning bumGenius All in One nappy. Its innovative, one piece design makes it as simple and quick to fit as any disposable - but kinder to the environment, baby's skin and parents' purses!

If you think you've got what it takes, simply join in either by taking part in the main event at the NEC Birmingham baby show or take part in our virtual challenge. Just by signing up you'll be in with a chance to win great prizes including free bumGenius nappies and great money saving vouchers.